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It is no longer possible to live without a washing machine and there are really many types: depending on the load capacity (from 6 kg up to 17 kg, passing through those from 12 kg ) and the loading position of the laundry (with front loading or loading from above ), but also by the number of revolutions that the spin cycle can reach, up to at least 1000 revolutions .
The most sought after functions in this type of product are rapid washing and delayed start . Washing times are always crucial if related to the frenzy of everyday life.
Energy efficiency is always a fundamental element (who doesn't pay attention to energy consumption?) In choosing the most suitable washing machine model , as well as measuring the depth, from standard 60 cm models to slim 45 cm washing machines , perfect for small houses or for those who live alone or as a couple. Discover all the washing machine models on offer , especially the top of the range Samsung and Bosch!

What type of Washing machines are you looking for? We guide you in choosing the perfect product for you!

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