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After 40 years of activity, Treemme Rubinetterie constantly offers new collections ranging from the most traditional to the most innovative lines, maintaining intact the characteristics that allowed its birth and development: high quality and impeccable service.

The company has kept the origin of its products intact, carefully selecting national suppliers and producing over 80% of production in its own factory. The strength of Made in Italy thus allows it to best respond to the needs of its customers.

The Treemme Rubinetterie company was born in February 1968, initially as an artisan workshop where the complete tap production cycle was carried out and grew quickly thanks to the excellent organization which immediately distinguished itself. Customers are quick to recognize and appreciate the meticulous attention paid to quality and consumer service

In recent years the Treemme Rubinetterie company has also achieved brilliant results in the field of design with greater attention to the customization and innovation of products, without neglecting the classic and more traditional lines.

The development of new shapes and ideas was entrusted to renowned design studios, also receiving prestigious awards.

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