The best toilets, sinks and bidets for your bathroom

Choose from a wide range of bathroom fixtures, various models   for every need: suspended bathroom fixtures , back to wall fixtures, colored fixtures all from the best brands.
To give a touch of class, choose the best bathroom sink for your home and ensure a modern bathroom sink . You can always choose your favorite model: to highlight your top, use a countertop or wall- hung washbasin .
If your taste is more classic and you have a traditional bathroom then for you there are the best built-in and semi -recessed washbasins .
A toilet bowl and a bathroom bidet cannot be missing to complete the decor of this room in your home. You can choose for your bathroom   among many models only on Vieffetrade: wall- hung toilet, monobloc toilet and flush-to-wall toilet . Also for the bidets, to stay on topic with the rest of your bathroom fixtures, you can choose your coordinated wall- hung bidet and back to wall bidet .
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