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For over 60 years, Smeg appliances have interpreted the needs of contemporary living with a sober and elegant style, the result of collaboration with world-famous architects.
The company has established itself with a unique profile in the panorama of manufacturers of domestic appliances but also in the professional sector with the Foodservice and Instruments divisions dedicated respectively to large catering and the electromedical sector.
The Smeg Group, thanks to a business culture that pays extreme attention to the quality, technological content and design of its products, is internationally recognized as a point of excellence for Made in Italy .

For Smeg, style is first and foremost a distinctive notion, a communicative attitude of the product through which to experience the appliance. Details and design solutions suggest the search for a lifestyle in which the house refers to the image of those who live there. Through Smeg, the products become the protagonists of the vital and convivial center of the home. The kitchen integrates its function and becomes a perfectly furnished stage to enhance the environment. For this reason, the aesthetic research work of the advanced Smeg internal design center makes use of the collaboration of world-renowned architects and designers .

In the kitchen, the encounter between all the elements of design is consolidated: high performance, interpretations of needs and functions, aesthetics and relations with the environment. The certified Smeg laboratories, through the knowledge of materials and the most advanced technology, thus interpret the needs of contemporary living, expressing essential qualities such as durability, safety, flexibility of use and pleasantness in the products. Constant and severe control tests throughout the production process testify to the commitment to guarantee absolute reliability. Furthermore, thanks to increasingly advanced interfaces and different programming solutions, each Smeg appliance responds to the different needs of the user in full compliance with maximum ease of use and intelligent resource management.

Know-how, creativity and refinement are the distinctive features of Smeg's Italian spirit and its constant commitment to transmitting a soul to everyday objects. This particular identity does not reside only on an aesthetic question but is an expression of the origin of the company itself and of its passion. It is, in fact, a precise tension aimed at qualifying the characteristics of Italian design such as inventive elegance, originality and quality of the products.

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