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Portable air conditioners of the best brands: discover many solutions for your relaxation!

Choose from the best portable air conditioners in our online shop to be able to maintain the optimal temperature for your rest and relaxation at all times!
You will find a wide selection of products to refresh more than one room in your home: with light, with timer, oscillating, without light and with integrated wi-fi .

The portable air conditioner without hose is the fastest and cheapest solution (excellent value for money), especially when there is no way to install a fixed air conditioner. In addition to cooling only, there are heat pump models, in order to have cold air and hot air according to needs. A complete product that can be used all year round.

On our site you will also find the quietest portable air conditioners, such as those of the Olimpia Splendid brand, among the best in the category. For those who are fond of the classic De Longhi Penguin, it is now also produced in a super silent version, called Eco Silent.
Do not forget to also take a look at our proposals for fans and dehumidifiers , which are also excellent and simple solutions to refresh all your rooms.

As for the cooling power, pay attention to the BTUs: the higher they will be, the more you will benefit from a cool and dry environment. For surfaces smaller than 30 square meters, a 7000 BTU air conditioner will be sufficient. For larger surfaces it will be advisable to opt for an air conditioner of about 15000 BTU.

We have selected only the best brands for your well-being: Dyson, De Longhi , Bimar, Argoclima, Olimpia Splendid.
Great quality at incredible prices , hurry up!

What type of Portable air conditioners are you looking for? We guide you in choosing the perfect product for you!

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