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Classic, ducted, hydro and ventilated pellet stoves: choose the model that best suits your home and your rooms!

Choosing a pellet stove is the ideal and energy- saving solution to prepare not only for the bitter cold of winter, but also to shelter from autumn humidity and still fresh spring evenings.
Having a pellet stove at home is functional, comfortable, almost essential. It is a clean and safe source of heat that allows you to heat your home quickly and efficiently by connecting it to the flue.
They can heat one or more rooms according to needs, have a pre-set on and off system and also a long autonomy , for a heating system that guarantees maximum comfort for longer. Among all the types of stoves , more specifically you can discover the hydro pellet stoves , also called thermo stoves or hydro stoves, which can be connected directly to the existing plumbing system. The ducted pellet stoves , on the other hand, allow you to heat hot air completely in every single room of your home.
If you have space problems, the latest generation slim or small pellet stove is just what you need!
For your bedroom, the air pellet stove is excellent: the ventilation system draws the air for combustion from the outside, so it does not subtract oxygen from the room, improving the quality of the internal environment.
Is your environment equal to or greater than 100 square meters? If you want to heat it optimally with ducting, the stove must have a power of about 10 kW or 12 kW .
Installing an air pellet stove is an ecological and economical way to heat all your rooms using a renewable and clean fuel.
If you love to have a classic touch in your home, we suggest you take a look at our selection of tiled stoves .
At Vieffetrade you will find the best 100% Made in Italy pellet stoves : Nordica and Caminetti Montegrappa and many others await you at discounted prices!

What type of Pellet stoves are you looking for? We guide you in choosing the perfect product for you!

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