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Pure design and unparalleled technological efficiency: for over fifty years Nobili combined its immense historical heritage with the strength of innovation. Choosing the Nobili brand today means knowing how to recognize the authentic value of the Italian product, unmistakable signature in the world, synonymous with quality. One hundred thousand square meters of production space. Over three hundred internal processing centers.

Three eco-friendly galvanic plants and an unparalleled environmental protection program. Because a product designed to improve the quality of life cannot be born if it has to ruin the world in which we live. Dutiful. Maximum respect and minimum consumption: the Suno plant, the heart and headquarters of the Nobili Group, a true "ecological factory".
A unique production center in the sector, equipped with high automation for an eco-sustainable production: the latest evolution of the plant, over 9 thousand photovoltaic modules covering the roofs, able to produce clean energy and reduce energy consumption of the company.

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