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The modern design mirror (also framed mirror in a bathroom with light) is a perfect piece of furniture to furnish and embellish the rooms of your home, to fill empty spaces and to optically enlarge the environment.

In some rooms of the house it is really essential:
- in the bathroom , where we find both wall mirrors juxtaposed with bathroom furniture and bathroom storage mirrors ;
- in the bedroom with wall mirrors that reflect the entire figure;
- in the entrance area, with storage units with mirrors or with floor mirrors , with particular shapes for eclectic or simple furnishings to follow an essential furniture.

Wall mirrors are perfect for placing in a hallway or entrance, for one last look at your look before leaving the house. Wall mirrors embellish any room and also find space in the living room, especially if placed on a sideboard and enriched by a frame , it completes the style of the environment.

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Tomasella - Inside wall mirror H 180 cm (open containers excluded) - set with Inside storage elements, Kalista coffee table
Tomasella - Inside wall mirror H 180 cm (open containers excluded)

Tomasella Inside

Rectangular wall mirror h 108 | 180 cm
Shipping by 29 November
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£ 180,26
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