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Miniforms represents the changing and dynamic soul of contemporary furnishings ; an original, young and highly creative company that has been able to convey from the very early 70s to today the importance of experimenting with materials and colors, avant-garde and style.
Born from the entrepreneurial drive of Luigi Bardini with the name of Industria Veneta Tavolinetti (Inveta), his fame grew most in the following decade. In this period, the company made itself known on the international market thanks to its profound originality, an evident sign of the mission of its designers.
The colors become bright and playful , the materials eco-friendly and easy to organize in a private, public or commercial environment where you want to create lively and bizarre atmospheres. The wood that monopolized the first collections of chairs , tables and container furniture leaves room for experimentation with metal and glass , raw materials that are treated in order to create a strong impression of originality and uniqueness of the pieces processed by the company.
The fame of Made in Italy can only accompany the well-deserved luck that the Venetian company has been able to build independently in just a few years of life.
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