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The best mattresses to give maximum well-being and comfort to your rest

The secret to a good rest is to have a latest generation mattress that knows the concept of well-being and that accompanies you in the long hours of sleep. In our online shop you can find many proposals for mattresses for single beds , for one and a half and double beds with characteristics that also safeguard your health.
We offer you a wide selection of Made in Italy mattresses: the Memory ones are designed to distribute the weight evenly; foam mattresses are breathable and adapt to the body thanks to their heat-sensitive structure; there is also the most common type of spring mattresses . Rest well to live better: a unique opportunity to buy your quality mattress   at unbeatable prices!

What type of Mattresses are you looking for? We guide you in choosing the perfect product for you!

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Doimo Materassi Ergomemory Mattress with independent springs and memory | 1
Doimo Ergomemory mattress with independent springs

Doimo Materassi Ergomemory

Mattress with independent springs and memory
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📖 Mini guide to purchasing

We have prepared for you the guide to choosing the best mattress for your well-being.
Often we like to focus our energies on buying a bed that is aesthetically pleasing to our eyes and that knows how to meet our style and personality in furnishing the home and bedroom. However, even if the mattress is rarely visible, it takes on a fundamental role at the center of our lives, determining the quality of our sleep .
It is known that sleeping optimally and in the best possible conditions for our body also determines all the positive development of the day. And who starts well… Exactly, it's already half done!

What is the perfect size for me?

The first search parameter for identifying your mattress is the size, which is divided into standard formats and special formats. These are the result of studies and research carried out by manufacturers in the sector on the quality and dynamics of sleep and are approved by the EU.


Relax e buona qualità del sonno sul materasso matrimoniale francese French double
Mattress 140 x 200cm

It's the trend of the moment.
With its format narrower in width but longer in depth than a standard double, it establishes itself as the most coveted choice.
Spazio per tutta la famiglia sul materasso matrimoniale king size King size mattress
Mattress up to 180 x 200 cm

Do you have a lot of space for the greatest possible comfort?
It is the extra-large mattress par excellence, of American inspiration but entirely Italian production.


Surely you are already familiar with the three most standard mattress formats: single, queen size, double .
Let's see them equally in comparison and in detail, highlighting their salient characteristics and the necessary differences.

Single mattress



- Takes up little space
- Limited freedom of movement

One and a half square mattress

Adults looking for more comfort
Bedroom/guest room


- Great alternative to single mattress
- Good freedom of movement

Double mattress

double room


- Sharing of space
- It must satisfy the rest needs of two different people

What is the ideal type for my rest?

Once you have identified the size you want to buy, carefully evaluate the composition and material of the mattress.

Currently they are the most appreciated and requested.
They are composed of one or more slabs of foams.

Memory foam mattress

Materasso memory foam: il materasso che tiene in memoria il tuo corpo
  • "Keeps in memory" the shape of the body and molds itself to your physical structure;
  • It does not create pressure points, making it particularly suitable for those suffering from back pain and lumbar pain;
  • It is breathable, thermosensitive and thermoregulatory : it maintains a constant temperature during sleep, controls perspiration and creates an ideal microclimate;
  • It cushions movements very well , so it lends itself to being lived and shared as a double mattress!

Latex mattress

Dettaglio di un materasso in lattice traspirante e soffice
  • It has great elasticity ;
    • Promotes circulation ;
      • It is made up of "lift zones", stiffer and softer sections that help the musculoskeletal system find and maintain optimal position ;
        • It is cool and breathable , even in summer.

        What's your choice? Reception or elastic response?

It has always been the most widespread type and consists of a variable density of metal springs inside and a fabric surface.

Traditional spring mattress

Molle rigide di un materasso a molle tradizionale
  • The springs are connected to each other;
  • An interconnected structure of springs creates a propagation of movement by deforming a larger surface than necessary;
  • They are known for their stiffness ;
  • They still represent the best-selling mattresses today, as well as the cheapest ;
  • They are durable and can last for several years.

Pocket/independent spring mattress

Dettaglio molle insacchettate di un materasso a molle innovativo
  • The springs are pocketed individually;
  • In a shared mattress condition, the pocket springs allow personalized movements without compromising the sleep of the other occupant of the bed;
  • They consist of the right middle ground between spring stiffness and progressive elasticity given by the independence of movement;
  • In principle, the quality of the mattress is directly proportional to the quantity of springs present .

Simbolo del dispositivo medico Which mattresses can be classified as a medical device?

A medical mattress is designed and manufactured for all those suffering from pathologies that can be treated thanks to an excellent quality of sleep. Usually these are disorders related to the musculoskeletal system, but the scope of interest can be broader. Let's see the main categorizations of this type of mattress.


They are devices indicated to all people confined to bed for a prolonged period of time in conditions of complete or partial immobility (patients, disabled, elderly ), as it is a product that helps prevent the appearance of bedsores caused by from excessively prolonged contact with the same surface.
Air bubbles, polyurethane foam or memory foam prevent the appearance and treatment of this problem.

They are generally identified in "very hard and rigid mattresses", because for a long time it was believed that people with back problems could benefit from sleeping on a particularly rigid support.
However, recent studies have shown that the best mattress for sleeping should be neither too hard nor too soft, but rather an ergonomic mattress, capable of adapting to the shape of the body, providing perfect support for well-being throughout the day.

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