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Hotpoint appliances are ergonomic, quiet, intuitive, safe and offer intelligent solutions and maximum comfort in every room of the house.
Sober and refined style, ecological sensitivity and constant search for quality and innovation: Hotpoint appliances for washing and garment care, dishwashing, food storage and cooking fully interpret the unique personality of each house and every environment and guarantee the highest standards of efficiency, lower consumption and excellent performance.

Not only food preservation, but an ideal atmosphere to keep them; not only automatic cooking programs, but systems to make the most of creativity in the kitchen. Thanks to the competence and the incessant research and development activity, Hotpoint offers intelligent and quality appliances that guarantee excellent results to exceed customer expectations and ensure them a new and rewarding home experience.

What makes Hotpoint unique is the deep knowledge and understanding of consumer needs. This allows us to create radically innovative appliances that change the way we interact with them and provide a level of performance that enriches home life. Intelligence also means new technologies aimed at reducing water and energy consumption. Hotpoint appliance innovation ensures excellent results, while preserving valuable resources and avoiding energy waste.

The Hotpoint design represents an ideal balance between the needs of consumers and what the company wants for them. It is not only the expression of a unique, distinctive style but a continuous search for functionality: ergonomic and innovative systems to facilitate the use of household appliances. Accuracy and elegance in every detail generate a harmonious and deeply satisfying style, highlighting the innovative aspects that suggest a new approach to everyday life and helping to make it more unmistakable, congenial and familiar.

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