GLEM M664MIC Approach kitchen cm. 60 x 60 - 4 burner stainless steel - 1 electric oven

Glem M664MIC Matrix Kitchen from accosto cm. 60 x 60 - inox 4 fires - 1 electric oven

The stainless steel GLEM M664MIC boat is equipped with a 4-burner hob and an electric oven that offers 10 cooking methods including the pizza program, which reproposes the temperatures of a classic wood-burning oven.

Warranty Italy 2 years
Warranty Italy 2 years

Data sheet

Model M664MIC
Line Matrix
Category Kitchen to be approached
Width 60 cm
Depth 60 cm
Height 85 cm
Finishing Stainless
Energetic class A
Cooking hob type Gas burners
Number of fires 4
Capacity 64 l
Primary oven supply Electrical
Commands Knobs
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GLEM M664MIC Approach kitchen cm. 60 x 60 - 4 burner stainless steel - 1 electric oven

Ventilated electric multifunction oven
Electric grill
10 functions
Rapid heating

Oven capacity: 64 lt
Timer counter (60 ')
1 oven grill
1 baking tray
4-burner top (Triple front left crown)

General characteristics
Class A
Glass lid
Cast iron grids
Under-knob ignition
Oven light
Oversized stainless steel adjustable feet

Full glass door
Safe Touch
Intake tangential cooling
Security valves

Titanium internal enamel
Removable internal glass Full glass

Titanium Enamel - Easier to clean
The internal Titanium enamel, thanks to the new low-porosity technology, prevents dirt from adhering, making cleaning even more efficient. The
Titanium enamel, much more resistant to the attack of acids than normal enamels, maintains its shine and color brilliance even after
high usage.

Pizza Program
The special Pizza program allows you to cook the pizza evenly and quickly, re-proposing the temperatures like in a wood-fired oven.
It is also excellent for always fragrant buns and breads.

Rapid heating
On top models, setting the PRH (rapid heating) function reduces the oven preheating time. Thus we reach the
temperature of 200 ° C in a short time, anticipating the heating of the oven and therefore the total cooking times. When the oven reaches the temperature
the dedicated indicator light turns off. At this point you can set the most appropriate function for the food to be cooked.

Class A
Glem products can boast the maximum energy efficiency of class A synonymous with attention to the environment and energy saving.

Safe Touch
Thanks to an innovative tangential cooling system, the hot air is expelled so as to allow the oven door and the control areas to
to cool down better.

Full glass internal glass
The inside of the oven door with full glass glass facilitates cleaning operations. The internal glass is easily removable without the use of tools
for even easier cleaning.

Safety valve
In all the burners there is a thermocouple which interrupts the gas flow in case of accidental flame extinction. The thermocouple is activated
in 3 seconds after the flame is extinguished and remains active even in the absence of electricity.

Triple ring burner on the left
Thanks to an unusual arrangement of the burners, which provides for the lateral positioning of the triple crown (3.6 kW of power), the use of the
other burners and the general functionality of the hob. In this way, even using a pan with a diameter of 30 cm on the left burner,
there will always be space to place your pans on the other fires.

Crystal lid
The tempered glass cover guarantees the protection of the back wall of the kitchen, also allowing you to preserve the cleanliness of yours

All Glem kitchens are approved to be inserted in contact with modular furniture according to UNI EN 30-1-1 class 2 standards.

Under-knob ignition
The ignition under the knob allows to light the flame of the burners through an easy pressure of the knob.

Ventilated electric multifunction oven
The ventilated multi-function electric oven offers the possibility to choose between various cooking programs. Ventilation can be performed at
lower temperatures, allowing a considerable energy saving, and eliminating the transmission of odors inside the cavity.

The pizza program allows you to cook the pizza like in a wood oven.
Rapid heating
This function reduces the heating time of the oven, pruning the temperature to 200 ° in a short time.
Traditional cooking
The heat is produced by the resistances of the lower and upper part of the oven. Excellent for pastry and traditional recipes.
Used for gratinating. Allows you to brown the surface of food preserving the inside. Suitable for grilling small meats.
Double Grill
Allows gratin surfaces larger than the grill, as well as providing greater au gratin power, to obtain a more rapid browning of the
Double Ventilated Grill
The grill associated with the fan spreads the heat evenly. It allows a uniform roast cooking and at the same time makes a lasting one
surface. Ideal for grilling. Particularly suitable for portions of large foods such as poultry, game, etc.
Ventilated Grill
The grill associated with the fan spreads the heat evenly. Ideal for medium thickness meats.
The heat of the lower and upper resistance is ventilated, guaranteeing power and uniformity. ideal for roasts and cakes.
Ventilated Defrosting
The fan is operated without resistance. Ensures optimal thawing.

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