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A long tradition founded on ingenuity and tenacity: the history of the Frattini brothers began in 1958 thanks to the intuition of three brothers supported and supported by their father. Since then, more than 50 years have passed, traveled by the company with the great passion of those who love their job and know their products perfectly.

Always consistent in proposing high quality faucets, innovative in their technical and aesthetic characteristics, the company has been able to follow new paths, introducing important technical and design innovations.
The commitment and the passion of the founders were also passed on to the new generations who, gathering the baton of their parents, entered the company bringing creativity and enthusiasm and proudly representing the continuity between past and future. The values that have marked and mark the success of the company are the quality and the continuous evolution of the design in line with the market trends constantly monitored carefully. The maximum reliability of the product is confirmed not only by customers but also by the end user and by the choice of producing with flair without neglecting the tradition and experience of the Made in Italy.

Always innovating with the aim of researching new materials, new forms, offering guaranteed, durable and durable products to the market. In Fratelli Frattini faucets, functionality and creativity coexist, creating different and original effects, aimed at solving application performances and furnishing needs.

Quality, in a product destined to last over time, is essential. Fratelli Frattini takes care of every step of the product birth process, from design to its finishing, subjecting materials, designs, prototypes and products to strict test and test cycles. All the phases see the harmonious integration between the precision of cutting-edge technologies and machinery and the experience of professionals in the sector. The extraordinary quality of Fratelli Frattini products is not due solely to manufacturing excellence, but also to the use of quality materials, with a commitment that has always been a guarantee for customers: the products are 100% made in Italy.

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