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Elegance, performance, reliability, love for art and respect for the environment.
These are the four assets you can count on when you buy a Foster appliance.

Shape and substance find uniqueness in a collection of elements designed to be in harmony with your style. For each sink you will find the relative cooking solution perfectly matched in design, material, always in AISI 304 (18/10) stainless steel, and in the finishes.

Every detail, from the hood to the oven, highlights the long experience of those used to designing together with the most renowned European kitchen manufacturers. Finally, the "Research", the ability to trace new roads every day to improve the functionality of its products and to raise the quality of life in the kitchen.

Foster's goal is also to guarantee continuous technical and technological development aimed at offering everyday appliances with absolute performance and low energy consumption.
Foster was the first company to introduce high energy efficiency burners, capable of achieving up to 25% gas savings. Furthermore, 100% of household appliances are in class A.
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