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Falmec has been able to transform itself from a small artisan reality to a protagonist of the Italian and international market, gaining a great experience in the design and production of extractor hoods.

Cutting-edge research, production flexibility, development of new technologies and original creativity give Falmec collections a strong added value of innovation and a completely unique combination of design and technical excellence, placing them at the highest levels of Italian excellence in the world.
From the initial design to the final product, all Falmec creations are born from a multi-step process that takes place entirely in the company headquarters, near Venice.

An absolute guarantee of the quality of the project, materials and construction, in the best tradition of Made in Italy.

Technology and design, innovation, performance, energy efficiency, ease of installation: these are the key concepts of each Falmec project.
The result of continuous research that looks at aesthetics, materials and technologies as a single whole, to create a perfect combination.

Falmec products satisfy every sense: the sense of smell for the effectiveness of the aspiring action; the visit and the touch, thanks to the refinement of the design and the value of the materials; hearing due to extreme silence.

Falmec selects and uses AISI 304 stainless steel, an 18% chrome and 8% nickel alloy. Hygienic, easy to clean, very resistant to corrosion as demonstrated by laboratory tests in a saline environment, AISI 304 is undoubtedly the best material for making extraction hoods.

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