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For over 20 years Elleci has been committed to achieving what has always been considered the technological expression and the key point between the past and the future: innovation.
Thanks to her dedication to the realization of highly qualitative and authentic character projects, Elleci has now become a specialist in washing with a focus on the concept of Suite in the world of color for the kitchen environment.

For the molding of its sinks, Elleci uses the GPS system, a set of machines that allow you to print a composite material that is made from a mixture of acrylic resin loaded with quartz particles of various sizes, depending on the product intends to achieve.
The heart of the plant is the molding press. Thanks to the fact that the press manages a dynamic mold, the peculiarity of the machine is constituted by the possible obtaining of a product with a substantially homogeneous distribution of all the constituent components of the mass.

This system is today the maximum expression of the molding technology of thermosetting composite materials in the kitchen sinks field.
Physical chemical tests for example demonstrate how the reduction of cycle time in the production process weakens the product, weakening the chemical bonds of its components. Elleci currently applies in all its production processes a correct balance between production optimization and undisputed product quality. Durable sinks!
Produced with the technological supremacy of Elleci, the GPS System, a Granitek, Metaltek and Vitrotek 3G sink is characterized by a substantially homogeneous distribution of the components throughout the mass, obtaining better impact resistance, better resistance to thermal shocks, better resistance to high temperatures and a better appearance of the sink.

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