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The air inside each house can be drawn.
Elica, with her cooker hoods and new products for air purification and fragrance, is the first architect.
Elica appliances, with their wealth of technology and innovation and their unique and distinctive design, analyze, measure and design new air for the kitchen and every room in the home.
"Aria Nuova" is the mission that accompanies Elica from the design to the production of hoods, air purifiers and fragrance diffusers: the perfect synthesis of the corporate culture always aimed at innovation.

Reliability, experience, innovation, dynamism and stimulus to sharing are the distinctive elements of Elica, of a work environment where different design skills and a global competence find expression in innovative hoods and appliances with a unique and distinctive design.

The history of Elica is an Italian story that has long passed the geographical boundaries: Elica is appreciated and recognized in the world as a symbol of Made in Italy quality, know-how, design, synonymous with high technology and innovation appliances.

The Elica technical laboratory is the only one in the world dedicated to cooker hoods, worldwide excellence for acoustics studies. It is in the Elica laboratory that the latest technologies are studied, designed, created and tested, the true heart of every cooker hood.
In the Elica laboratory the existing one is renewed and the future is invented starting from the real needs of consumers, responding to their needs and anticipating their needs to create new trends: the goal is to make Elica hoods increasingly effective in suction performance, reducing noise to a minimum and improving the lighting system and therefore comfort on the worktop and in the entire kitchen environment.
The Elica laboratory collaborates with national and international research centers, universities and consortia, bringing together physicists, chemists and engineers in a cutting-edge research and study center.
Since 2011 Elica is among the founding members of Homelab, the Italian Consortium for research on home automation. In 2013, the laboratory was accredited by Accredia for its expertise in conducting certification, inspection, testing and calibration activities functional to the release of internationally valid certifications. The experience of the designers and the dedication of the many Elica workers come together in a single path made of passion and attention to detail, whose synthesis translates into the hoods that arrive in homes around the world.

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