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Dometic Home is a global company with a long history of creating market-leading products for outdoor, home and professional use .

Beverage and refrigeration solutions

Thanks to the elegant and award-winning Dometic wine cellars, every sip will be an unforgettable experience. Behave like true connoisseurs and let the wine release all its aromas, serving it at the ideal temperature. Shake cocktails at the center of the party, or take a cold drink to the beach. Your drinks always at hand.

Dometic MoBar
is a range of bar furniture ideal for the outdoors . Thanks to the timeless patented design, these professional bars, synonymous with style and functionality, allow you to socialize without sacrificing comfort. Available in various models with additional accessories to make the most of the MoBar.

Electric portable refrigerators
Whether it's a barbecue with friends or trying to increase the cooling capacity, Dometic has a range of high-performance coolers for all needs. Thanks to an advanced refrigeration technology, they guarantee a silent and efficient operation, ideal for use in any room of the house or in the garage. Based on the required performance, it is possible to choose between three different technologies: thermoelectric, absorption or compressor.

Wine coolers

Connoisseurs, sommeliers and gourmets all agree that Dometic refrigerators provide the perfect conditions for enjoying fine wine to its full potential. As specialists in refrigeration, a complete range of products has been created worthy of the finest wines. They can be used both in private homes and for the retail sale of wines and gastronomic products.

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