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Roberto Crolla srl Rubinetterie was founded in 1964 in Alzo di Pella, on Lago d 'Orta, in the context of a historic industrial district for Italian taps and fittings.

Presto becomes an important reference point for the production and distribution of high quality taps and today in its factory, which has expanded to 4,100 square meters. surface, the “I Crolla” line and the “Leonardo” design collection are designed and manufactured.

The robotics of the production sector allows to assemble and test a tap every 65 seconds.
The strong point of the company is the wide range of products and accessories it has in its catalog, extended both in terms of types and prices.
They are products born from the experience and technology of Crolla, always attentive to energy saving and ecological needs, appreciated throughout Italy and abroad.
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