Electric, gas or induction hobs

Many hobs designed down to the smallest detail to satisfy all needs: discover them all!

Every kitchen wants its own cooking area, whether it's gas , electric or induction hobs . Choose the size that suits your needs, such as the 90 cm 5-burner hob . Otherwise opt for the smaller version of the 4- burner hob, 75 or 60 cm in size.

Are you looking for an induction hob model in class A+++ ? The hobs are not assigned an energy class, therefore it is advisable to evaluate the right model based on the type, power and therefore energy consumption.

All induction hobs are designed to minimize waste. With different power levels that you can manage from the control panel , you will have perfect cooking and energy savings , as well as greater safety . Induction hobs require the use of steel, enamelled steel or cast iron pots and pans . This is because induction cookers exploit magnetic fields and allow you to avoid wasting electricity .

Among the products on offer you will also find those in stainless steel with cast iron grids from the best brands such as the Franke or Smeg hob . Discover them all here at Vieffetrade!

What type of Cooker hobs are you looking for? We guide you in choosing the perfect product for you!

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Cooker hobs
📖 Mini guide to purchasing

Stovetop or stove ? What matters is cooking!

Usually the question is “ what's cooking? ”. However, it is also appropriate to ask WHERE the pot boils.
There is no kitchen in the world that does not have a hob or cooker , if you prefer.
It is usually built-in (or flush-mounted, semi-flush and more rarely free-standing) on the kitchen top, above the oven and under the hood.
In linear kitchens we find it along one side of the perimeter; in cutting-edge solutions that wink at design, it can find its place on the island in the center of the room.
For those who are used to having lunch and/or dinner at home, this appliance is absolutely common and frequently used. That is why it is precisely the case to deepen their knowledge.

Let's get to know the hobs in all their details

One fact is clearly certain and irrefutable: the attraction towards induction hobs has grown exponentially in the last 5 years and online searches prove it to a great extent.
The most widespread (and cheapest) gas hob has continued to ride the wave of success for over a century, while the electric hob is a hybrid halfway between the two aforementioned.

piano cottura gas electrolux egg6407k

Gas hob : the cheapest and most widespread solution

It is true that induction is increasingly in demand, but the gas hob still largely dominates the vast majority of Italian (and not only) kitchens, especially in the 4-burner version, even though there is now a vast choice of gas hobs with 5 burners (rarely you get to 6 in domestic contexts: only for true stove lovers!). There are proposals suitable for all budgets and which can meet our aesthetic taste. Their weak point lies in energy efficiency as the heat dispersion is considerable, despite having the flame in view has always been a habit for many as well as an intuitive element of help in understanding the power of the fuel we are using and adjust it accordingly.

piano cottura elettrico siemens et645ffn1e

Electric hob : the right compromise between gas and induction?

Electric hobs, usually covered in glass ceramics, have a further distinction: radiant or halogen ? The former are equipped with an electrical resistance that heats up, the latter work thanks to infrared lights.
The similarity with induction can be found in the structure and in the aesthetics: they are essentially flat or almost flat plates, easy to clean and also safe.
However, as with gas, energy expenditure is high and, although halogen hobs work very well, the lamps need to be replaced and the cost can be quite prohibitive.

Materials and colors in the background? Of course not!

We know that to be on the safe side, the choice of stainless steel is absolutely perfect and ideal. Most of the gas hobs on the market are made of stainless steel, because it is a material that guarantees resistance, durability and ease of cleaning . Furthermore, the wallet does not cry and the aesthetics are clear and decisive, without frills.

However, if you are aiming towards the purchase of a really beautiful hob, the choice should fall on crystal. The glass hobs captivate the eye without any doubt thanks to their brightness and splendor and you don't need too much elbow grease to keep them that way, just the adoption of the right precautions.

➲ How to clean a glass hob ? Arm yourself with a soft cloth, water and vinegar . Really nothing else! Alternatively you can also use a detergent suitable for windows and shower cubicles, since it is crystal. To avoid streaks after cleaning, it is essential to wipe the surface with chamois leather for correct drying.

➲ How to clean a steel hob ? In addition to water and vinegar (and lemon), which are very useful for cleaning and degreasing grills and burners, you can also add baking soda and soap if necessary. As in the cleaning phase of all hobs, including drying, it is essential to use delicate tools such as microfibre cloths. Metal sponges are allowed, but only for thorough cleaning of the grids, if made of cast iron. Still with regard to materials, have you ever heard of fragranite ? Virtually impossible! Franke has designed this composite material (80% quartz, 20% resin) with a fabulous texture that is very pleasant to the touch and incredibly durable. The surface is free of porosity, therefore very hygienic and its charm is irresistible. This is why Franke, in addition to the most famous sinks, has also introduced collections dedicated to granite hobs in its catalogue.

And what about the choice of colors? The most requested are black and white , finishes that are never banal and relatively simple to combine, without sacrificing style, elegance and lightness.
How to understand what to focus on best? With the help of the furniture already chosen for your kitchen and home and also by "pairing" the hob with the oven and, why not, with the sink and the kitchen hood.
It is always good to keep in mind that white is a color that expands spaces, illuminates, transmits serenity and transparency. It is sincere and very bright; a white hob has nothing to hide.
A black hob shows off its strong character and immediately shows its personality. Like stainless steel, black is also an evergreen color or, as they say, it can "go with everything" and is becoming increasingly popular with the growing diffusion of induction hobs .

Induction hob : no one can beat it

Undisputed symbol of elegance and minimalism in the kitchen , thanks to its flat shape and essential lines, the induction hob still has a relatively short history having made its appearance on the market between the 70s and 80s of the last century . Despite this, it is currently literally on everyone's lips: anyone looking for a stove for their own kitchen today will certainly also seek and inquire about the possibility of buying an induction cooker .
How does the induction hob work? In a very simple way: it is made up of particular coils which, when it is put into operation, create a magnetic field which generates heat.
And why is this appliance so popular? Let's find out the advantages and disadvantages right away.

Induction hob: pros and cons

piano cottura induzione sciogliere cioccolata

The great success that this type of hob is having is certainly given by the multiple advantages of using it:
- Reaching of the ideal temperature in a very short period of time ;
- Guarantee of fast and perfectly homogeneous cooking;
- Very high efficiency without energy dispersion (therefore excellent consumption );
- Fast cooling after shutdown;
- Extreme simplicity in cleaning and maintenance.

At this point, there are also disadvantages? Just a couple, which is worth mentioning:
- High cost compared to other types;
- Requirement of specific pots , specially made for induction;
- High electrical energy absorption (therefore watch the power of your meter and the simultaneous use of other household appliances!).

Curiosity : if you search for " induction hob class a+++ " know that you will not get directly useful results, as the energy class is an optional indicator on induction hobs and is not normally indicated. The energy efficiency of an induction hob is very high and easily reaches 90% compared to the gas or electric equivalent.

What is the best induction hob right now?

piano cottura induzione siemens ex975lxc1e

There is and cannot be an absolute and objective answer to this question, as different people can have different needs.
However, based on sales data from recent years and their continuity, as well as on opinions from direct experience of using the product, we have a winner: it is the Siemens EX975LXC1E induction hob .

90 cm hob, a size that falls within the standard for induction, is equipped with the best Siemens technology in order to satisfy the consumer who is looking for excellent quality and high performance.
Among its most interesting functions and features we find:
- flexInduction , an intelligent cooking zone that adapts to the size and shape of the pan;
- Dual lightSlider , a completely touch control panel integrated into the hob that allows perfect, simple and intuitive control and adjustment with a single touch;
- fryingSensor Plus , an intelligent sensor that signals to the chef when the ideal temperature has been reached and helps keep it stable, so as to avoid the risk of food burning;
- powerBoost , a function which, if activated, can increase the power of an induction zone by up to 50%, considerably reducing cooking times.

franke smeg electrolux whirlpool hotpoint

What are the most requested brands for the hob?

All the major manufacturers of household appliances (and sometimes also of sinks) make hobs. The most chosen on Vieffetrade are Franke, Smeg, Electrolux, Whirlpool and Hotpoint Ariston .

Those who opt for Franke appreciate the peculiarity of the Franke hob in fragranite equipped with 4 burners FHTL 604 3G TC OAC , characterized by large cast iron pan supports and convenient front controls. The triple crown burner is always very useful and efficient thanks to the best possibility of homogenous and rapid cooking of food.
The most popular traditional hob is instead Franke FHMA 755 4G DCL XS C from the Maris line: generous dimensions and space with 5 strategically placed burners, this appliance is beautiful and functional at the same time. The heaviness of the cast iron is not perceived, thanks to the solid but slender grids.

Electrolux is also on the list and is particularly appreciated for its electric and induction proposals. They range from the smallest electric hob with two cooking zones ( LHR3210CK , also called Domino) to the comfortable 80 cm induction hob ( LIL83443 and EIL83443 ). All strictly black and all strictly functional!

➲ Smeg certainly needs no introduction and offers a vast range of gas, induction and even with integrated hood solutions. The design is entirely Made in Italy and can adapt to the most varied styles, from the classic and country kitchen to the more modern and technologically advanced one.

Whirlpool is missing with the WB B4877 NE induction hob: appreciated by many for its simplicity and essentiality, it lacks nothing of what a self-respecting hob needs to be considered one of the flagships of this well-known brand. It allows both built-in and flush-mounted installation and is equipped with the complementary Booster and Power regulator functions, respectively useful for giving a boost to cooking times and for always having the kW used under control.

➲ Hotpoint Ariston, on the other hand, still has interesting gas-powered solutions. Think of the PHN 960MST (AN) R/HA hob, a rare domestic example with 6 burners designed with great accuracy and an excellent balance between burners, grids and spaces between them. Made of anthracite-colored metal laminate, it has nothing to envy to higher-end proposals, such as the PPH 75G DF/IX 5-burner gas hob which meets the needs of those looking for the middle ground between 60 and 80 cm tops, without giving up the convenience of having 5 flames.

Are you looking for a special and out of the ordinary solution ?

You thought we had run out of proposals to show you regarding hob types and technologies, right? But no, and here they are served. Some will amaze you and could become your next choice.

➲ Mixed hob
If you're undecided between induction and gas or if you deliberately want to opt for a hybrid solution that allows you to have multiple options on the same appliance, the mixed hob is just the thing for you.
It is a combined hob , which usually has two induction cooking zones and two gas burners. On the other hand, the combination with three gas burners and an electric plate is less common.
In any case, the hybrid works well and arouses great curiosity because it represents the ideal proposal for the most demanding chef who does not want to feel limited in choosing the best cooking method for his recipes.

➲ Hob with integrated hood
You know the washer dryer that combines the functions of a washer and dryer in a single appliance? Well, even in the kitchen there has been an innovative solution for some years now that combines a hob and an extractor (or filtering) hood : the base is made up of a mostly induction hob (very rare cases with gas burners; the only in this sense they come from Elica) in which a hood is installed in the centre, right in the heart of the hob, which integrates perfectly into the hob and structure of your kitchen.
It can be installed both in suction mode (fumes expelled outside) and filtering (thanks to the use of carbon filters the air is purified and reintroduced into the environment), it is an absolutely modern solution and completely different from the standard: the fumes do not rise upwards to reach a hood installed under the wall unit, ceiling or island, but they are sucked in directly towards the center of the hob , traveling much less distance and therefore "contaminating" the kitchen air as little as possible.
The cost is not negligible (starting from 1,000 euros for the most basic solutions), but it should still be borne in mind that it is an appliance that integrates two of them. More than suitable for those who want to make use of the latest cooking and extraction technologies in the kitchen and... Kill two birds with one stone!

➲ Corner hob
Perhaps we are more used to hearing about corner sinks , but it is good to know that corner hobs also exist. Even if they are little considered, they are excellent space-saving solutions as they can allow you to take advantage of an interesting corner area in the kitchen which, perhaps, could be scarcely usable otherwise.
It should be noted that they can also present themselves as real choices desired and aimed at aesthetics and not just "forced" by a particular and limited conformation of the kitchen.
What we need to pay more attention to is certainly the lighting as it is known that normally the corners can present themselves as tendentially darker areas of the house.
The corner hob must be thought out and chosen carefully to avoid mistakes and falls in style: either you love it or you hate it, there is no middle ground.

piano cottura induzione con cappa integrata