Fixed and extendable console tables

Extendable or fixed console tables, with a classic, shabby or contemporary style: many solutions await you!

The console table is a versatile piece of furniture,   which adapts to the need. In our online shop you can find the extendable console table (which turns into a dining table), the fixed or folding console. Various types of tops, wood , glass , metal , laminate will make your console table sophisticated and one of a kind, both in the bedroom and in the entrance .

Are you interested in a classic , shabby or contemporary style or a console with mirror, drawers or doors ? We have many solutions available: it's impossible not to find the one that's right for you! All the brands that we deal in our shop allow you to buy the console of your dreams at incredible prices and totally made in Italy:   Connubia Calligaris, Alta Corte, Cantori, Colico, Devina Nais, Dialma Brown, Domitalia and many others are waiting for you!

What type of Console tables are you looking for? We guide you in choosing the perfect product for you!

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Console tables
📖 Mini guide to purchasing

The first big dilemma: extendable console or fixed console?

The console table is a piece of furniture that can be considered as a real piece of furniture.
Based on your needs and requirements, and considering the spaces in your home, the first choice falls on the structure.

consolle allungabile Extendable console

It's the trend of the moment; functional to the maximum, because it provides a sensational flexibility of use thanks to the possibility of being extended and therefore transformed. From console to table! In fact it is a space-saving table that can accommodate up to 12 or 14 people)!
consolle fissa Fixed console

A great classic, it is particularly useful as a generic support surface and as a style reference point within the room chosen for her.

Hallway, bedroom or living room?

If you don't already have a clear idea of where to place this piece of furniture inside the house, we list the most common choices made by those who, like you, are looking to buy a console table.

consolle ingresso Entrance console

It is the business card of your home, for you and for your guests. It reflects your style and invites you to "empty your pockets" to lighten you from the burden of the day.

consolle soggiorno Living room/sitting room console

If fixed, it can serve as a complementary element to the bookcase or sideboard for arranging and ordering books or crockery behind the sofa. If extendable, it can become the most interesting piece of furniture in the room, such as the dining room, because it literally transforms into a table.

consolle camera da letto Bedroom console

In the most intimate room of the house, the console mirrors yourself in every sense; combine it with a mirror and make it your personal dressing table, ready to be used whenever you get ready to leave the house.

What's your style?


As with all home furnishings, even the console can be traced back to a style. Has your home been designed in a minimal, essential style with a modern design? Modern and contemporary entrance consoles are absolutely what you need.

consolle moderna
consolle classica Classic

Do you feel tied to classicism and tradition and do you love materials and warm colors that always make you feel immersed in a timeless environment? Your perfect choice cannot be separated from a vintage or shabby entrance console.

Discover the most loved color

Have you ever thought that the white console was the most coveted in terms of color?
White is a safe choice, in line with the contemporary but can also be combined with the classic.
White, even glossy white, does not tire and also "widens" the spaces and makes the rooms even brighter. That's why it is often recommended to those who don't have many square meters but don't want to give up the beauty and utility of a console table.
One of our furnishing suggestions for all budgets and needs is the Calligaris extendable console .
consolle bianca

The most suitable materials for your console

It is not difficult to imagine that, like furniture in general, the material most associated with this category is wood for the console table as well.
A wooden console is undoubtedly aesthetically beautiful, thanks to the finishes and grain of the material, to its warm and reassuring colour, such as solid beech wood or oak finish.
From the point of view of resistance, it is solid and does not have a limited duration over time. Furthermore, since it is a "natural" material, it helps us to feel even more part of the environment, with a spontaneity that is unparalleled. Shall we also talk about its flexibility and adaptability? It can be combined with all styles and all materials!
Despite the apparent idea of fragility to which it is attributed, glass
it is another absolutely popular choice for your entrance console table . It is willingly combined with metal legs (which could suggest an industrial style).
A transparent material, in every sense: it is beautiful, pure, sincere. It is unmistakable and hides no flaws. A real jewel to furnish your home with the right touch of elegance and refinement.