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In 2016 Calligaris, leader in the field of extendable tables and modern chairs, "is done in two": the Connubia brand is born and the Calligaris brand is strengthened.
Connubia is the line dedicated to the "fundamentals" of Calligaris production: tables and chairs, brought to the maximum level of depth of range.

Calligaris was born in Manzano del Friuli in 1923 as a family-run artisan reality; the Friulian company initially specialized in the production of rustic wooden chairs, then transformed between the '60s and' 80s in the real industry and expand its range, including tables, furniture for sleeping area, living area and accessories .
Today Calligaris is famous all over the world, serving over 90 countries and collaborating with international designers. The quality and style of its collections derive from a deep passion for the product, as well as thorough controls in every production process.

From meeting around a table meetings, affinities and emotions are born. Connubia puts a wide range of tables at the center of these unique experiences. Protagonists of the dining area, respond to every need for conviviality, transforming themselves when needed to accommodate unexpected guests. Connubia tables combine different materials that adapt to each space and reflect the personality of each.

In this continuous meeting, Connubia dedicates an extraordinary range of chairs. From the classic and timeless or futuristic shapes and rich in details, the Connubia chairs invite to rest.
An ergonomic and contemporary design created with innovative materials that accompanies unique moments in everyday life.

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What comes from what?
The Connubia line comes from Calligaris, focused on the best of Calligaris table and chair production.
Years of Italian tradition and design presented in a collection that combines the fundamentals of a furniture label renowned worldwide.
The symbol of Connubia itself recalls the solidity of the bond between each product and the parent company, as well as conveying a pleasant, immediate sense of sharing and the desire to be together. Three chairs around a table enclose the essence of reuniting and the home's familiar atmosphere.

Concept of Connubia Calligaris brand
Connubia is attentive to all types of furniture, from dining tables with chairs or stools, fixed and extendable tables, consoles and space-savers, to coffee tables, sofas and entertainment centres, without forgetting about office furniture including chairs and desks.

The Connubia line by Calligaris ranges from evergreen chairs with classic designs to chairs with innovative designs and beautiful details. The thread that binds them all is their ultimate comfort, which invites you to relax.

The fixed or extendable tables perfectly match any need for space as well as a need for various materials, meeting the demand for the best Italian design.

Connubia combines the best of avant-garde and tradition, of technology and ancient know-how.
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