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To build a new company from nothing, to open a new market space, it is not enough to have brilliant and innovative ideas. True success derives from the ability to transform creative intuition into a structurally defined path that leads to the concrete realization of a project. If these steps develop into an area of extraordinary culture such as that of the Marches, whose development model has been widely studied by international economists, the new company, from the beginning, has already been endowed with a great deal of know-how and a solid marketing structure.

In 1976 Sante Cantori began to use the varied palette of rich artisan fabric in the area of Camerano. In just a few years, an industrial-scale company has been developed which conquers with its products ample market space in Italy and in the world.

The beauty of the form and the extraordinary variety of proposals can conquer from the first glance, but it is only by touching the soft finishes and the fine handmade decorations, physically touching the quality of the materials used and the solidity of the structures, which really includes absolute inimitability of the Cantori world.

The beds offered in an aesthetic and functional range ranging from classic to contemporary, from wrought iron to upholstered fabric upholstery, together with a wide collection of furnishing accessories and accessories, transmit to the house all the charm of the Cantori atmosphere. , through a coherent and structured stylistic path.

And there's more: ergonomic bed frames with beech slats, pure latex mattresses and the textile equipment that accompany the beds of the Cantori collection, are selected according to the highest quality criteria. All in the world Cantori is coordination of images and content, total integration of form and substance.
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Your journey into Beauty begins right here.
The Marche-based company brings the entire essence of pure Italian design to the world, with over 40 years of history written by the whole family Cantori.
Cantori productions offer an air of art, passion and unique and unrepeatable craftsmanship.
Contemporary taste is always the focus of every product by Cantori, which never loses sight of the desire to arouse delicate sensations and minimal and sophisticated emotions through intimate chromatic tonalities, always chosen with the utmost care.

Cantor brand concept

The heart of Cantori craftsmanship can be seen in the variety of fabrics, finishes and precious decorations that accompany eye-catching aesthetics, high-quality materials and incredibly sound structures.
The flagship of Cantori production is its beds, offered in a wide range designed to satisfy the tastes of those who love classic as well as contemporary style, those who seek the sophistication of wrought iron but also the delicateness of an upholstered fabric covering.
Much of the production is in double beds, although twin and full beds are also featured.
Cantori has the constant goal to be well-rounded and offers an excellent collection of furnishing accessories to give the home a wonderful atmosphere. Start with the bedroom and decorate the entire house following a consistent, unmatched style, where form and substance go hand in hand.
Cantori is a journey into Beauty that begins and never ends.
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