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The built-in oven is one of the fundamental pieces of any functional kitchen, useful for cooking food with different and sometimes unusual cooking methods .
Contrary to what one might think, built-in ovens are not all the same, but differ in size, function, finish and aesthetics. Static or fan-assisted ovens are the models dedicated to traditional cooking, with heat diffusion in every corner of the oven .
For lovers of homemade bread, pizza and focaccia, pizza ovens provide the high temperatures needed to highlight leavened products. A single function for an edge over the traditional static oven or the more common convection cooking .
For those who prefer healthy food and more natural cooking, the new pyrolytic steam ovens are ideal. These ovens cook delicately while maintaining the softness and natural flavors of the dishes, with limited cooking times . The pyrolytic function allows you to have a self-cleaning oven with quick and practical oven cleaning.
At Vieffetrade you will find a wide selection of built-in electric ovens and steam ovens from the best brands: Electrolux , Smeg , Whirlpool , Candy ovens. You will also find the most popular Samsung Dual Cook ovens, for multiple cooking on two floors!

What type of Built-in ovens are you looking for? We guide you in choosing the perfect product for you!

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The true symbol of tradition in the kitchen : discover all the built-in ovens!

In all our homes there are essential appliances that have become indispensable in managing the home and in our daily lives. Nowadays it is almost impossible to imagine a kitchen environment without a dishwasher, refrigerator with freezer, cooker hood, hob and… built-in oven . That's right!

This quintet makes up the perfect team to best govern all stages of food preparation, from storage to cooking and disposal. In all of this, the oven (together with the hob , which we will discuss in the appropriate section) is undoubtedly what allows us to finalize the result and delight our palate, so the time has come to learn more about all the characteristics and peculiarities of this precious appliance .

Which type of built-in oven to choose?

There are currently various types of ovens on the market which differ according to the fuel and power supply used for operation: the best known and most widespread at a domestic level are the electric oven and the gas oven .

forno elettrico da incasso

Electric ovens
At the head of all research and sales trends, the electric oven has been establishing itself for some time now, an appliance capable of heating itself and reaching the required and desired temperature thanks to two internal resistances which absorb the electric current. A uniform cooking is obtained which, more often than not, can be accompanied by an interesting browning thanks to the use of the grill , where present.
Heating elements and any grill characterize what is defined as a static oven , while the presence of one or more fans which generate air and spread the heat even more evenly make us understand that we are dealing with a ventilated oven .
So, static or fan oven ? Undoubtedly the second is preferable, in terms of completeness and efficiency; in fact, it allows cooking at a reduced temperature and in a shorter amount of time. And that's not all, because by raising the bar in relation to the search for additional cooking methods, a world opens up on the more niche (but not too much) sector of steam or combined steam cooking.
With the steam oven we are approaching a more sophisticated type of appliance, undoubtedly comparable to what is used in professional kitchens and which allows you to cook in an even healthier, lighter and more nutritious way, without the slightest loss of the organoleptic properties of the food. Steam cooking is not aggressive; on the contrary, it is delicate and is obtained thanks to a specific boiler with which this type of oven is equipped which boils the water and generates steam inside the cooking chamber.
The much acclaimed microwave version also exists as built-in ovens: it is none other than the same free-standing version, which uses the same principle of electromagnetic waves to obtain rapid cooking; what changes is only the installation method, column or resting on the top.

forno gas da incasso

Gas ovens
Although the offer on the market is no longer as vast as it used to be, the gas oven remains one of the most sought-after types of oven.
In this case everything revolves around a burner which, once the flame is lit, generates heat which heats the compartment by radiation and convection.
We can define the gas oven as an "essential" oven without frills: in it we will never find a large variety of different programs to choose from, as with electric ovens . There can be a maximum of two cooking modes if the appliance is equipped with a grill.
However, this does not mean that it should be considered an appliance for immediate use. It is less intuitive than an electric oven and you need a little practice to learn how to use it to the fullest by exploiting its potential.
The great advantage of the gas oven is in energy saving : its fuel consumes constantly and regulates itself while maintaining the temperature, unlike the electric version which, if long cooking at high temperatures is required, does not stand out in terms of convenience.
On the other hand, the large offer on the market of electric models, truly suitable for all budgets, makes gas ovens less attractive because there are no really cheap ones.

Wood ovens

Recently there has been a great discovery and rediscovery of the wood oven , also for its use in the home. For what purpose? Naturally primarily for cooking pizza, bread and leavened products .
The embers give food a priceless taste and flavor and loudly recalls the return to the desire for tradition and the cult of eating healthy and with "poor" means.
However, installing a wood-burning oven at home isn't easy at all: you need space, a suitable environment in which to place it and a fair amount of continuity in maintenance.
The cost of the fuel and the considerable energy savings in use are points in favor and make it an increasingly accessible product also to the average consumer, but for the moment it remains a type of oven reserved for great cooking enthusiasts.

The most sought-after functions and features in a built-in oven

The complexity of the offer present on the household appliances market today is really highly stratified and it is necessary to rely more and more on specific research criteria and personal needs in order to obtain a good skimming of the entire proposal.


funzione grill forno incasso

This cooking method is now really super desired both in electric ovens and in microwave ovens. It is a plus that allows it to be used alone or in combination with convection cooking to obtain perfectly grilled, roasted and browned foods on the surface, with the right level of crunchiness when required.
The grill function is very interesting because it can cover the most varied dishes, from vegetables to fish, from baked pasta to meat; sweets are not excluded either, whose sugar surface can be made even more attractive and tasty thanks to the grill .
When we activate it, the upper resistance of the oven heats up and by placing the food below it (at the right distance, to avoid burns!), they cook more or less quickly, depending on the power of the resistance itself.
If there are possibilities, it is worth opting for an oven equipped with a grill , giving free rein to all the menu options that can benefit from this function.


forno incasso bianco

In addition to the functionality and internal characteristics of the built-in oven, as it is made as a visible appliance in a kitchen, it also has aesthetic peculiarities that should not be overlooked.
In addition to how the door is opened, the presence or absence of handles and displays and commands made with push-button panels, knobs or touch controls, color is a theme that is placed in the broader context of matching the kitchen environment and the other appliances present in it.
At the top of the research trends, we find a great and growing interest in the white oven , even though it is certainly not the most widespread finish (in this case we are talking about a stainless steel oven or a black oven).
The white finish is certainly suitable for a kitchen with light tones and lends itself to giving brightness and visually expanding spaces. It is never heavy and conveys the right lightness and vitality to one of the liveliest rooms in the house.


forno elettrico pizza

As good Italians and Europeans, the love for pizza is irrefutable . One of the most imitated, popular and eaten dishes worldwide is literally always on everyone's lips! Admiring professional pizza makers who prepare it by acrobatically twirling the dough and filling it with succulent ingredients is a real pleasure for the eyes, rather than for the palate. It often happens that you want to try your hand at preparing this dish, so the question arises: how to cook pizza in the oven at home ?
If your oven is static , the main suggestion is always to cook the pizza initially on the bottom and then place it in the middle.
If, on the other hand, there is a ventilated oven , the pizza should be placed immediately in the center and it will be necessary to bear in mind that the cooking times will be reduced given the more violent and direct radiation of heat.
The multifunction electric ovens equipped with a pizza function combine several cooking methods together in order to guarantee the obtainment of a perfect result of a complex product that contains ingredients of various kinds, even for the simplest of pizzas such as a margherita , made up of pasta, tomato and mozzarella.
If you also rely on the use of a refractory plate for an oven , you can really get great satisfaction from homemade pizza , without necessarily having to envy the one prepared by a professional of the trade and, why not, also to amaze our guests in Special occasions!


temperatura forno incasso

You can't hope to get a good pizza if you don't know the correct temperature to reach in order to cook it according to all the rules.
The ideal temperature for a pizza oven should be at least 300 degrees. Even better would be to be able to aspire to an oven temperature of 400 degrees , but in this case it is more difficult to find proposals for the domestic environment.
Gas ovens are the least suitable for cooking pizza as they never exceed 250 degrees, so it's better to focus on finding the best 300-degree built-in oven and devote yourself to preparing the best homemade pizza ever made!

pulizia forno incasso

How to clean the oven?

After the recipes, here is the most common (and most tormented) question relating to built-in ovens. It's always nice to prepare dishes and cook, but when it comes to tidying up and cleaning the kitchen, the "drama" is always around the corner.
Cleaning the oven is undoubtedly one of the least pleasant activities one can do, also because we don't always get the desired and satisfactory result. However, it is obviously a necessary activity, not only for hygiene reasons, but also to continue to guarantee high cooking performance and a long life for the appliance.
The latest generation ovens come to our rescue by facilitating our work in this tiring and boring process, because they are often equipped with the pyrolysis function, a chemical process that carbonises the dirt making it ash thanks to the development of very high temperatures inside the cavity. The pyrolytic cleaning cycles are often long (we are talking about 1 or 2 hours), but arming ourselves with patience and with the only aid of a damp cloth at the end of cleaning for the removal of the ash, our work is finished, almost effortlessly.
The pyrolytic oven (also called self-cleaning oven ) is therefore a highly recommended solution due to its practicality, safety and efficiency; it is also ecological (it does not use dangerous chemical detergents) and with particularly low energy consumption. Pyrolytic technology requires particular attention in the production of these models, which is why the cost is generally always higher than more traditional catalytic or hydrolytic (steam) ovens.

consumo forno elettrico

Energy consumption and saving

How much does an electric oven consume ? At first glance, certainly more than a gas oven, starting from the assumption that electricity has a higher cost than gas.
From the point of view of the type of cooking to be performed, the more time it takes, the more convenient the electric oven is, as it tends to consume a lot in the first heating phase, but then stabilizes while maintaining the temperature. The gas oven, on the other hand, regulates itself continuously, so in the long term the energy expenditure could be higher.
It should also be considered that if the electric oven is ventilated, energy saving is better because cooking times are reduced thanks to the use of the fan.
On average, by cooking in the oven at 200 degrees for one hour, consumption fluctuates between 0.9 and 1.5 kWh.
It is always advisable to adopt all possible precautions to limit energy consumption , among these we remember regular cleaning of the oven, avoiding opening the door too frequently, cooking several dishes at the same time and using the grill only if strictly necessary and required by the chosen recipe .
Where possible, our advice is to buy a +++ built-in oven : the cost might seem unjustifiably high, but in the long run you would benefit from it in terms of energy savings and bills.

What is the best built-in oven ?

After having thoroughly examined the aspects to consider when purchasing a built-in oven, let's move on to concrete indications on some of the most sought-after and sold oven models on the market, so as to be able to provide a complete and concrete buying guide.

The Electrolux EOC3S40X oven is a steam oven with 72 liters of capacity and equipped with an LED display. Its strong point is the SteamCrisp function which allows perfect steam cooking ; the result is a soft and juicy dish on the inside and golden and crunchy on the outside. The ventilated function is ideal if you want uniformity and speed of cooking and the multilevel internal system optimizes times, cooking even an entire three-course menu at the same time. Cleaning is hydrolytic , therefore it takes advantage of the introduction of water to generate steam which dissolves the dirt, which can then be easily removed with a damp, clean cloth.
It is an oven that meets the needs of those looking for a good-quality solution that allows them to take advantage of a wide range of functions.

Suitable for classic or country kitchen contexts, the Smeg SF6905P1 oven belongs to the famous Victoria line of the renowned Italian multinational. Electric thermo-ventilated oven , comes in a delicate cream color and is equipped with a hydrolytic cleaning system. The net volume of the cavity is 70 liters and its energy class A allows good savings in terms of consumption. It is a product that lacks absolutely nothing: static, ventilated, thermo-ventilated and grill cooking. What to ask for more?

The Whirlpool 6-sense ovens , connected with the homonymous intelligent cooking, support you and facilitate the creation and cooking of all your favorite recipes. The technology they are equipped with allows you to cook even remotely in a simple and innovative way: thanks to the wifi connection you can remotely adjust and control the cooking time, the temperature and everything that can be useful for obtaining your best creations in Kitchen!

It is the most popular oven of the moment. Which? Let's talk about the Samsung Dual Cook oven , equipped with a double fan and double cavity, which can be used when needed. The entire compartment of the oven has a capacity of 75 litres, but the innovation of this product lies in being able to divide it into two halves, thus obtaining two independent ovens which can be used at the same time and without contamination of smells between different dishes. Also useful if different temperatures and cooking times are required. As Samsung itself says, “An oven. Two doors. Infinite possibilities”.

With a Bosch 8 series oven , creativity in the kitchen knows no bounds. Thanks to the DishAssist cooking assistant, the oven becomes the perfect helper in the preparation of any recipe, automatically. And with the PerfectBake sensor and the PerfectRoast multisensor temperature probe, all you have to do is press a button: every dish will always be perfect, from roast to chocolate cake.

forno samsung dual cook