Jollynox gas oven 1FLFGI cm. 59 - stainless steel - front

Jollynox 1FLFGI Life Gas oven cm. 59 - stainless steel

Thanks to the stabilized flame burner, the Jollynox 1FLFGI gas oven always ensures uniform heat distribution. It is an oven that reaches the desired temperature in a short time and offers performances comparable to those of static ovens, but saving money.

Warranty Italy 2 years
Warranty Italy 2 years
Immediate Shipping
Immediate Shipping

Data sheet

Model 1FLFGI
Line Life
Category Gas oven
Other Easy clean


Type Single fan
Width 59 cm
Height 59 cm
Built-in measure 56 x 58 cm

56 x 59 cm
Finishing Stainless
Energetic class A
Capacity 54 l
Commands Knobs
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Jollynox gas oven 1FLFGI cm. 59 - stainless steel

Technical specifications

Functions: 2 (gas cooking, maxigrill)
Gas cooking: Burner operation. Suitable for any type of dish, it is particularly suitable for baking bread, pizza and leavened cakes.
Superior resistance + central top resistance. Large spit-roasted meats.
Programming: mechanical timer at 60 'with ringtone

Equipment: tangential cooling ventilation, internal light, easy clean enamelled steel drip pan, steel grill, one-hand electronic ignition and quick safety valve
Oven interior: easy clean
Door: removable and detachable with double glass and heat-reflecting crystals

Front controls
The control front of Jollynox ovens has all the tools to follow and program the cooking cycle easily and in complete safety: the function selector, the thermostat and the indicator light that signals the electrical operation of the oven. A second warning light also indicates, in all electric ovens, that the set temperature has been reached.

The new cavities, available on all Jollynox ovens, are the result of research and innovation that aims to meet the most current domestic needs. Larger and more capacious, they save time and energy in cooking.

Tangential cooling and ventilation system
The Jollynox ovens are equipped with a natural convection anti-overheating system to control the external temperatures and keep them within the limits established by the safety standards. Furthermore, a tangential cooling fan comes into operation when the oven is switched on and produces a flow of cold air which, as it escapes from the slits in the dashboard, creates a barrier to the heat coming from the oven, further containing the temperature of the front. In ovens with external glass, the circulation of air also avoids the formation of condensation, leaving the glass of the door always free and transparent.

Heat reflective crystals
Jollynox ovens have a double glass door with heat-reflecting crystal to contain the heat inside the oven, limit dispersion and make the most of the oven heating for cooking, thus allowing to reduce energy consumption and keep the external door temperature.

Stability of the internal shelves
The internal shelves of Jollynox ovens are particularly stable because they are inserted in a double guide in the side walls of the oven.

Pizza plate
For pizzas, focaccias and frozen dishes, the refractory plate is the ideal medium for baking.

Removable and detachable door
The special hinges with double balanced joint, in addition to facilitating the opening of the door and cleaning operations, allow an easy and rapid extraction of the door itself, without the need for tools. Once removed, the door can be dismantled, cleaned and then easily reassembled on the oven with a simple and quick method.

"All glass" oven door
The Florence One and Century models are equipped with a door whose interior is formed by a single smooth surface in tempered glass that facilitates and speeds up cleaning operations.

Ease of cleaning the oven
The internal walls, the inner door and the oven pans are made without sharp edges and without welding points. Moreover, thanks to the glassy structure of the easy clean enamel, the entire interior of the oven is even smoother and non-porous: the residues of cooking fats find no space to nest in and cleaning operations are thus extremely simple.

Self-cleaning panels
The self-cleaning panels can be mounted in the 90 oven which, in addition to guaranteeing the same process, are easy to remove and replace if necessary.

Gas oven
The gas oven, thanks to the stabilized flame burner, always ensures uniform heat distribution. It is an oven that reaches the desired temperature in a short time and offers performances comparable to those of static ovens with a significant energy saving. The temperature is regulated by a thermostat equipped with a safety valve which prevents the gas from escaping in the event of accidental extinguishing of the flame. The combustion fumes come out through a special exhaust duct and therefore it is not necessary to drill the tops or the rear walls of the furniture. All gas ovens are equipped with one-hand electronic ignition that allows you to reduce ignition and flame adjustment to a single gesture.

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