Barazza - multifunction oven VELVET 1FVLTND

Barazza 1FVLTND Velvet Built-in multifunction oven 60 cm - black - touch screen display - automatic opening - hinges on the left

The Barazza 1FVLTND multifunction electric oven, VELVET line, with automatic book opening on the right and black front, has an innovative touch screen display from which to manage the functions by simply touching the icons, choosing from various automatic programs available!

Warranty Italy 2 years
Warranty Italy 2 years
Free shipping
Free shipping
Immediate Shipping
Immediate Shipping

Data sheet

Line Velvet
Category Electric oven
Other Book-type opening

Easy clean

Reclining grill

Automatic programs
Width 60 cm
Height 60 cm
Built-in measure 56 x 58 cm
Finishing Black color
Energetic class A
Capacity 65 l
Commands Touch control
Absorption 2.70 kW
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Built-in multifunction electric oven Barazza 1FVLTND, VELVET line
automatic book opening on the right (left hinge), black front, Easy Clean oven interior

• 10 functions
• 16 automatic cooking programs
• 36 customizable cooking programs
• Interactive and multilingual touch screen
• capacity: 65 liters
• features: easy clean oven interior, removable automatic door with triple glass and heat-reflecting glass, self-diagnosis
• equipment: temperature probe, 3 pairs of removable guides
• safety devices: safety disconnection, electronic lock for child safety functions, blackout memory, automatic door opening with 110 ° safety rotation lock
• maximum temperature: 250 ° C
• maximum absorbed power: 2.7 kW

- Traditional cooking: Upper resistance + lower resistance.
For any type of dish and in particular for leavened cakes , pizzas, roasts and pies .
- Final cooking / heating of dishes: Lower resistance. Final baking of biscuits, tarts and savory pies.
Heating dishes.
- Browning: Superior resistance. Top browning of dishes including lasagna, pasta or vegetable pies.
- Traditional grill: Upper central heating element.
Medium / small thickness meats and toasted bread.
- Ventilated grill: Upper central heating element + fan. Thick meat and particularly bulky dishes .
- Intensive cooking: Upper heating element + lower heating element + fan. Fast and uniform cooking. Also for biscuits and pastries.
- Bread / pizza and quick activation or preheating: circular heating element + lower heating element + fan. Combined cooking, faster, oven heating in minutes. Also ideal for baking bread and pizza.
- Multi-level ventilated cooking: Circular heating element + fan. Cooking of similar or different dishes arranged on shelves up to three levels
- Rapid defrosting: The operation is carried out quickly and optimally.
- Food heat maintenance: Maintains a constant temperature of 80 ° C. It is available in VELVET and multiprogram Touch Control ovens .

> AUTOMATIC COOKING PROGRAMS - Pre-set cooking programs. Once the recipe has been chosen, the relative cooking mode is automatically activated.
> 65 LITER CAPACITY - 65 liter oven cavity.
> EASY CLEAN INTERIOR - The glassy consistency of the Easy Clean enamel makes the surfaces perfectly smooth, resistant to cooking fats and easy to clean. In some models the oven interior is also available entirely in 18/10 stainless steel. Soft hinges facilitate opening and internal lights facilitate inspection.
> CHILD SAFETY - Device particularly useful when there are children in the house, it blocks the functions of the display, preventing accidental activation or modification of the settings.
> BLACKOUT MEMORY - In the event of a power failure, the system automatically saves the settings.
> TOUCH SCREEN DISPLAY - The Touch Screen display is the interactive system that allows you to intuitively manage the many functions, simply by acting on the appropriate icons. A prodigy of technological highness that is extraordinarily easy to use, thanks to the "intelligence" of a software that allows you to set and customize programs, follow instructions and diagnose any operating errors.
> REMOVABLE GUIDES - Equipped with a locking device at the end of the stroke, they facilitate the handling and extraction of dishes and cooking tools.
> HEAT PROBE - Allows you to detect the internal temperature of the dishes without opening the oven. An acoustic signal indicates that the set temperature has been reached.
> DESIGN - Advanced and exclusive design that combines functionality, elegance and practicality.
> COLD DOOR - The internal heat-reflecting windows ensure that the heat remains as much as possible inside the oven, limiting the dispersion on the external surfaces as much as possible and keeping the temperature well below the regulatory limits, thus reducing energy consumption and avoiding that children, inadvertently touching it, get burned.
> USB PORT - Allows you to update the software, insert recipes and upload images to personalize the Touch Screen display.

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