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Experience, creativity, innovation, passion. These are the values that have always characterized Bossini's offer.

Bossini has been producing showers and accessories since 1960 with the knowledge that even a simple daily gesture, like the use of the shower, hides a whole world of values: functional, aesthetic, technical and human.

Quality, design, research and innovation are the fundamental principles on which all Bossini design and production is based. So the company has gained a prestigious role in the international showcase, where Italian design has always been considered the top of good taste and elegance, offering a range of innovative products that are adapted to the highest quality standards.
Thanks to fifty years of experience, Bossini has succeeded in giving the shower those added values of personality and character capable of responding to the most advanced bathroom concept, intended not only as an intimate space worthy of the highest aesthetic and functional quality, but as new home wellness theater.

With Bossini the shower turns into an authentic emotional experience to experience every day.
Bossini products are the result of the synthesis between high applied technology and the creative ability to adapt to changes.
In order to guarantee the maximum quality of the finished product, each component is subjected to rigorous checks during all phases of the production cycle.

Bossini's mission is to offer its customers unique creative shower solutions, the result of the application of solid know-how and great flexibility, which characterizes every phase of the production process.

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