Professional blast chillers

Blast chillers: the perfect equipment to best preserve your food

Buying a blast chiller is the best choice for fast cooling and food storage . Mainly popular in professional kitchens , home blast chillers are now also produced, excellent for preparing raw fish even at home in less than 24 hours.
If the freezer freezes food, using a professional blast chiller leads to deep freezing. The frozen product does not have ice crystals, while the frozen food has ice on its surface, because the cooling times are longer.
Freezing by means of a blast chiller therefore allows the organoleptic properties of the food to be kept intact, killing bacteria to allow for raw food to be consumed . The dishes are frozen very quickly . The temperature inside the food is brought to -18 ° C if the product is raw or chilled, to -3 ° C if the product has just been cooked.
Professional multifunction blast chillers are also easily found on the market, with slow cooking , leavening, holding, bottle cooling, ready meal, rapid or delicate freezing functions.
One of the leading products in this category is the Freddy blast chiller by Irinox, but versions of Electrolux, Fulgor, Foster and Ilve are also available and more!

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