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Blanco is synonymous with all-round expertise in the sink system and ranks among the world's leading manufacturers. The company, still a family business, was founded in 1925 and since then has been an expression of German quality and reliability.
An almost complete assortment of sinks, bathtubs, kitchen mixers, separate collection and space organization systems as well as accessories allows a vast choice in each segment and creates perfectly harmonized solutions capable of satisfying any need.

The headquarters in Blanco are located in Oberderdingen (Baden-Württemberg) im Kraichgau, the so-called "Tuscany of Baden". The most important production facilities of the largest German sink manufacturer are not far away. Blanco maintains a close relationship with its markets through international affiliates and long-standing partners in over 100 countries.

"The best quality in any segment": Blanco's philosophy can be summed up in these simple words. This means meeting the highest level of requirements in terms of quality of materials and workmanship, for example no sink leaves the factory without having been subjected to final quality controls As for the mixers, we pay particular attention to all the components that come into contact with water and in this field Blanco is committed to meeting the highest standards regarding the choice of materials.

The design studied in every detail represents an essential success factor for Blanco. Extensive analysis of current trends, the study of international living and living habits and constant dialogue with customers form the basis of our appreciated design. The exchange between Blanco's design department and renowned designers from around the world is a source of new inspiration. Drawing on this information, developers and designers together create efficient system solutions that translate the principle that "form follows function" into reality, thus creating modern design classics that contribute to spreading the fame of BLANCO and that always propose a balanced combination of functionality, comfort and aesthetics.

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