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The myth was born in 1898 from the genius of Wilhelmus Andrianus Van Berkel who, combining passion and experience , mechanically reproduces the movement of the hand he is slicing with the knife. A brilliant intuition , the invention of the slicer that soon spreads all over the world. Already in the 1950s, Berkel is no longer just an innovative producer of slicers, but the brand becomes a real Status Symbol.

After more than 100 years of history, the name Berkel is still synonymous with perfection , reliability , innovation and durability . A set of values handed down with pride and shared every day by those who become part of this world. Because Berkel is not just a brand, but a lifestyle , a passion. It is dedication to elegance and quality. Berkel is love for beautiful things , for unique things.

The search for perfection translates into an obsessive attention to detail , which is achieved only thanks to a production that is still entirely artisan . The very high precision mechanical technique enhances the quality of the cut product and blends in the beauty and extraordinary scenic presence of Berkel slicers.

Berkel means excellence for all professionals in the sector. Designed to guarantee maximum reliability and precision, the Professionals employ innovative solutions and state- of-the- art technology a. Details designed specifically to achieve the highest level of safety and minimize waste. Berkel's excellence passes mainly through the protection of its customers.

The elegance of the shapes, the harmony of the movement, the shine of the blade and that red Berkel : it is a design icon . Subject of falsifications like the most famous emblems of luxury, Berkel brings with it all the charm of history, enters homes and becomes a dream for everyone today. Designers and architects want it in kitchens and living rooms , an unmistakable piece of furniture , immersed in a warm, traditional or irresistible vintage contrast in a modern context.

The Berkel image is fed and transformed through history. It maintains the values that have made it unique, replicating them on cutting-edge solutions that meet the new needs of its admirers. Performance , ease of use and cleanliness increase, because innovation also means ensuring simplicity and efficiency . Modern lines, compact dimensions and bright colors, is the innovative design signed by Berkel.

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