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The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in a home: it allows us to rest and live each day to the fullest, starting with full energy. For a restful sleep, however, it is important to buy the right bed , padded, in iron , metal or wood .
According to your needs, you can choose the size you need: double , single and one and a half square , as well as the type with or without container .
At Vieffetrade you can also buy special solutions such as canopy and sommier beds at affordable prices.
You just have to identify your style between classic and modern and rely on the experience of important realities such as Alta Corte , Cantori , Cosatto , Elite , Noctis and many others!

What type of Beds are you looking for? We guide you in choosing the perfect product for you!

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Noctis - SPACE bed SHAPED CORNER with shaping on the left - set
Noctis - SPACE SHAPED CORNER bed with left shaping - version with second manual pull-out bed base - set

Noctis Space Angolo Sagomato

Single upholstered bed | a square and a half, without | with container | with drawers | with second removable base Space
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More than just a piece of furniture : it is the heart of the bedroom !

We spend about a third of our lives together.
If we choose to share it, we only do so with people we trust.
We rely on it to end the day and also to start it in the best possible way.
You've already figured out what the solution to this simple riddle is, right?

When looking for home decor ideas, one of our top priorities is bedroom decor . And what is the main furniture of this room? That's right, just him: the bed .

How to choose the size of the bed?

The first fundamental aspect on which we should focus when it comes to buying a bed, from scratch or for replacement, is the size , to be evaluated both in relation to the size of the room and with respect to the build and height of the people who will use it.


Large bedroom

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Paying particular attention to the dimensions of a room in the house and deciding on the correct arrangement of all the elements within it are fundamental points and should never be overlooked, especially when we are literally choosing the furniture for the place of our dreams.
Problems don't arise if we have many square meters (from 15/16 square meters up): the only important precaution in this case will be to avoid filling the room too much with elements of secondary importance; the focus must always be maintained and first and foremost on the choice of bed which can be a comfortable double bed or a more than comfortable king size .
Do not overlook the space needed to move immediately around the bed, which is useful for ensuring maximum freedom of movement without encountering obstacles, both when going down and up from the bed.

Small bedroom

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But what if our bedroom were to be small (available size less than 14 square meters) and we still didn't want to give up the comfort of a fairly large bed or in any case used to accommodate two people? The French bed is just right for us: the length is not sacrificed (190 x 200) and is equivalent to that of a double bed, but its narrower width will allow us to save space (and sleep closer to our partner!) .
On the other hand, the choice of setting up bedrooms intended for use by single people or children is simpler: queen- size beds and single beds take up relatively little space, especially in width, so they lend themselves to being placed with simplicity even in rooms with not very generous dimensions.


In addition to the space surrounding the bed, who should use it should not be underestimated. The individual subject has physical characteristics and habits that are potentially different from anyone else.
We are mistakenly led to think that it is only the type of mattress that determines the quality of our sleep. This is not the case at all, as the bed and its structure also contribute to generating the overall level of comfort.
The bed supports the base and mattress, therefore it must be solid enough to support the weight of these two components added to that of one or two people.
Even the height of the subject is an element not to be overlooked in this choice: the standard sizes already mentioned above are comfortable and designed for people who do not exceed 180 cm . Usually taller people are advised to purchase a customized size suitable to accommodate them with the correct margins of space between the top (headboard) and bottom (footboard) of the bed.
Weight is equally important: people of normal weight can buy any type of structure, while those who are overweight are directed towards a choice of metal/iron structure which guarantees maximum solidity and sturdiness.
Not least is the consideration of the possible presence of physical pathologies, in particular postural and skeletal system, at the expense of the person. In this further case there are specific and dedicated products for the prevention and treatment of these particular conditions, starting from the choice of the bed and, above all, the mattress.

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The big dilemma: upholstered, wooden or wrought iron bed?

Knowing how to choose the material of your bed is also a fundamental step: it is one of the first pieces of furniture of primary importance in our home, as well as the main piece of furniture in the entire sleeping area. The choice of material must consider two different aspects of the product: strengths and weaknesses given by the material itself of the structure and aesthetic impact in relation to the style that you intend to create or respect inside the bedroom.


Highly sought after and very popular especially in recent years, upholstered beds are synonymous with modernity. Their structure is soft and fluffy and is equipped, as the name itself indicates, with padding. The bed frame of these products can be very large, which is why this type of bed is often not suitable for small spaces.
The main types of upholstered bed are classified according to the fabric they are made of: velvet, eco-leather or synthetic fabrics ?
The former is often linked to the classic and more traditional style, it is elegant and sophisticated; however, its ability to attract dust is very high, so this peculiarity must be taken into account in order to be fully aware of the choice.
With elegance in common, combined with practicality, the faux leather bed is a hygienic and stylish choice that is well suited to those looking for a less demanding solution than velvet.
Synthetic fabrics are both aesthetically pleasing and relatively cheap and this makes them attractive to a large number of users.

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Typically associated with the idea of resistance and sturdiness thanks to the reference material, wooden beds are a great classic with a direct line with the contemporary and with nature. In fact, this material recalls and pleasantly recalls the close link between man and life, the environment, the landscape, the world. Wood is hygienic, easy to maintain and clean and furthermore it is not a nest for mites and dust.
Its aesthetic impact never tires thanks to a minimalism and essentiality of great effect that is never intrusive.


Rich choice, in every sense.
It is the most demanding solution from the point of view of spending, to the advantage of products that tend to be handcrafted, therefore also particular, unique and exclusive in their style. Their processing requires commitment, time and a quantity of creative flair commensurate with the result obtained, ideal and suitable for being inserted in romantic and discreetly personalized contexts.

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The most sought after and interesting types of bed (outside the standard)

We all know the standard bed types that are usually found in at least one bedroom in every home. Instead, here we want to give space to the deepening of those more particular but equally requested categories of beds. Perhaps without knowing it, among these there could be just the bed we are looking for! Let's find out together.

  • Here it is, the space-saving solution par excellence, perfect if we want to furnish a studio flat or a small bedroom for children.
    The absolute value of these beds is that they create a space where there really is no space. Usually equipped with a flap mechanism, they are integrated into built-in wardrobes and can also be opened only when strictly necessary, i.e. for the time to be devoted to sleep.
    The possibility of "hiding" them and integrating them within their own wall structure makes them highly functional: all the space in the room is completely available and therefore lends itself to total multifunctionality, for children to play or for work and adult entertainment.

  • Another “multifunctional” bed solution that is spreading like wildfire is the bed with container .
    Unlike the foldaway bed, this typology always occupies the same surface, but adds to the standard bed function, the "floor wardrobe" function, thanks to different upward or horizontal bed opening systems that lift and move base and mattress thus creating an interesting more than useful space for storing linen, clothing, shoes and accessories.
    Beds with drawers that have real subdivisions and drawer openings on the sides of the bed are also considered container beds. The ease of opening is remarkable and does not require any kind of lifting: the bed remains perfectly in position. However, the usable space is less than in other types of container bed as it is already pre-organised.

  • Add a seat in the room! It is precisely the case to say it. This is the main function of the single bed with second pull-out bed . Usually this piece of furniture is presented as a single sofa bed which can be enriched by a second pull-out single bed contained inside a large metal drawer placed under the main seat.
    Since the space occupied on the surface is that of a single bed, it also acts as a space-saving and multifunctional solution, as well as an emergency one, to welcome guests who decide to spend the night with us, whether they are adults, teenagers or children.

  • Once a niche choice, now an increasingly trendy choice: the round bed oozes personality from every pore, thus giving it to the room itself, and has an undoubtedly captivating shape. If we have the possibility of being able to choose a round bed, the aesthetic effect is more than guaranteed!
    Small bedrooms are to be avoided when considering a choice of similar furniture: its circular shape tends to "steal" space and therefore requires large and comfortable sizes, above all to avoid restricting the surfaces.
    The linen must be purchased ad hoc; however, making the bed is very simple and quick and requires less effort than making a bed with edges.
    The harmony of a round bed has conquered everyone, so much so that it is no longer exclusive only to hotels or luxury homes: in recent years it has been able to tiptoe into private homes as well.

  • Often and willingly associated with a fully classic, baroque, sumptuous style and romantic idealism, canopy beds have been in the background for decades compared to simple, modern and contemporary beds. Recently they are making a comeback and their rediscovery is highlighted by the growing proposals of this type of bed on the market.
    The attraction towards this piece of furniture is dictated by the charm it emanates of historicity and intimacy. It is important to consider the majesty and size of the canopy, suitable only for large rooms, both in width and in depth and height. Every other element in the bedroom will fade into the background: the canopy bed is the only true and only important protagonist.

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