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Barazza is not just a household appliance brand, but even before that the name of the family of Italian entrepreneurs who have given life to a reality that in the sector is synonymous with high-performance equipment with an advanced design . It is the result of a commitment that has lasted for almost fifty years and that has its roots in a fertile entrepreneurial ground, on which, starting from the decades after the Second World War, it has been able to provide a real culture of household appliances.

Barazza satisfies the expectations of a demanding consumer who is attentive to the transformation of taste, designing and creating exclusive products in which styling innovation goes hand in hand with the ability to provide cutting-edge technological answers to daily needs. It designs and manufactures exclusive products, aesthetically always combinable with each other, which combine the innovation of Italian design with the ability to provide cutting-edge technological answers to daily needs, designed for a consumer who is increasingly attentive to both the transformations of taste and the high value of the Made in Italy product.
Particular attention is also paid to the ergonomics of the products during the design phase, in order to ensure maximum functionality in the kitchen.

Ergonomics, energy saving and safety in the kitchen are in fact complementary concepts, which jointly contribute to ensuring concrete and lasting comfort. The entire production process is then supported by state-of-the-art technological systems which are decisive for the ultimate result: the creation of ergonomic products, with high quality standards and high performance.
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