Connubia Calligaris - New Entries

The new Made in Italy lines from the collection Connubia Calligaris

Connubia Calligaris presents the new 2017 collection
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Conubium: marriage, union, bond.

Marrying perfectly with the philosophy of a furniture line devoted to the very best in production Calligaris. Coming to life right here Connubia.
Tables, coffee tables, chairs and stools that will make your home a perfect space to share experiences in comfort, with the quality of Made in Italy design. Vieffetrade is the official reseller Connubia.
The Connubia Calligaris Academy line expands with new chairs and stools
Academy - The refreshed line includes many new models

Academy while maintaining uniformity in style through simplicity and curves, making every chair suitable for all environments and situations. The stool is now available in five new versions that are definitely worth taking a look at.
Chair Greta | New entry in the Connubia Calligaris 2017 collection
Greta - A fresh newness between the chairs

Greta is the new chair by Connubia which, thanks to its large padded seat and backrest, is both comforting and welcoming, two features that make it suitable for both home and office environments, including bars and restaurants.
New vintage colors for New York chair by Connubia
New York - Comfort never changes

We're now also offering the choice of three new finishes in vintage tones for the seat and back of the chair New York with a frame base. Curved, wide and comfortable thanks to its inviting shape and padding, it is the ideal accompaniment to the décor of a dining room or study.
Table Athos | New entry in the Connubia Calligaris 2017 collection
Athos - The new practical and elegant extending table

Athos is the new extendable table by Connubia, both elegant and majestic. This table is well suited for home and office environments thanks to its personality and the choice of finishes.
New shapes for Giove table by Connubia
Giove - New shapes, new styles

Special attention should also be paid to the table Giove, which is now also available as a rectangular table as well as a round table in all versions ceramic, glass e wood. Lines are both simple and unique, making it suitable for all living spaces.
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