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Cantori presents the new 2017 collection
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Dolcevita bed | New entry into the 2017 Cantori collection
Dolcevita - A reference to a dreamlike, decorative world

The heart of Cantori production is expressed in its classic items, presented here in the new model Dolcevita, a double bed in upholstered metal. The structure has a galvanic bath finish as well as a delicate pale gold finish that also covers the spirals in the headboard. The multiple choices for the bed frame covering increase the intrinsic value of Dolcevita. Aesthetics combine the practicality and solidity of the metal, offering not only a unique experience, but also a 100% complete product.
Portofino bed | New entry into the 2017 Cantori collection
Portofino - A classic and international feel for your bedroom

Portofino is the classic Cantori double bed, upholstered and covered by hand with taste and sartorial wisdom. The clean, linear design is enriched with a double fabric and priceless gold details. It is available in various sizes, including king size: Portofino will be the cradle of all your dreams.
The leather backrest is the peculiarity of the modern twist bed of Cantori
Twist - Modern style is not simply an option

The first thing that jumps out when admiring the modern double bed Twist is the strong presence of the headboard made of leather bands that combines perfectly with the galvanic bath finishing, which can be chosen in elegant and decisive colours such as gold, brass, nickel black or copper. The headboard also features excellent workmanship that is deeply focused on the hand-made topstitching. Twist is another sophisticated work of art by Cantori and can also be ordered with a storage compartment.
Isidoro table | New entry into the 2017 Cantori collection
Isidoro - The new Cantori table has a strong visual impact

Cantori does not "just" make beds, and this can be seen quite well with Isidoro. This is a modern table with a choice of glass or marble top and a base of worked metal, more specifically laser-cut iron that has been milled and moulded to give rise to a shape with an undisputed visual impact, additionally embellished with golden or bronzed finishes.
If you are searching for comfort, you are searching for Adria chair by Cantori
Adria - If you are seeking comfort, look to LEI

A unique object with the practicality of a chair and the comfort of an armchair: it is [MODELLO]! Modern and upholstered with laser-cut, curved metal legs, this product of absolute design will mesh flawlessly with the design objects in your home. If you were looking for a refined style with a vintage flair, you've found it!
A creative shape for the mirror Aquilone by Cantori
Aquilone - Play with your home with a fancy, precious design

The furnishing accessories are one component of Cantori production that cannot be ignored. Among these the mirrors stand out and the new Aquilone truly adds a sensational and creative touch to your home. It is a classic mirror with an irregular shape that evokes carefree style and freedom, just like its name; the iron frame is worked with lasers and features delicate, intriguing craftsmanship.